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The very best quality at all times

We have a large network of qualified and competent professionals: interpreters, translators, proofreaders, linguists, transcribers, graphic artists, and, together, we cater for all your needs.

Technical translation, medical or pharmaceutical translation, legal translation either certified as sworn or not, and even marketing adaptations, whatever your field of expertise, AeC Traduction places professionals at your disposal.

Carefully selected and highly qualified, our translators translate only into their mother tongue and only in their speciality.

We select our collaborators not only on the basis of their language combinations, but also according to their areas of expertise, qualifications and experience, all of which are supported by tests.

Naturally, your medical questionnaires will be translated by translators specialising in medical translation, while your contracts will be managed by translators experienced in legal translation, who will be certified as sworn translators, if necessary.

Our interpreters are also hand-picked in order to ensure that your foreign ventures have every chance of success.

Uncompromising quality

One important detail that makes all the difference is that AeC Traduction guarantees you a completely human translation, which enables the necessary reformulations to be made in the event of any linguistic adaptations.
Apart from the "technical jargon", your message will reach its target because it will be specifically adapted to the culture of the target public.


Used to working in highly sensitive technological sectors, AeC Traduction expressly undertakes to respect the confidentiality of the documents you submit to us and to secure our exchanges. To that end, all our partners have signed anon-disclosure agreement in order to protect the information they are processing.

A worldwide network of contributors

A new subsidiary in France of Groupe AeC, AeC Traduction has more than 15 years of experience and a network of more than 550 regular partners around the world.

Translators, interpreters, proofreaders, linguists, experts in cutting-edge fields, all our collaborators are qualified professionals selected on the basis of in-depth internal tests and evaluated by their peers.

For us, it is a matter of honour to only call upon the contributors best qualified and best suited to your projects in order to cater for your terminological, stylistic and technical needs.

Optimised processes

Thanks to the TPBox™ system, our project management solution, equipped with an archive server, a private forum and a secure file transfer service, all our contributors are able to communicate about a project in real time.

Apart from time-saving and the confidentiality of the data exchanged, for you, it is also a guarantee of precise quality monitoring and the standardisation of all your documentation for a project.