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Internship Available

This year, we will welcome one to two interns at our Paris office (subway stop: Porte de Bagnolet). Candidates must either hold or currently be finishing a Master’s Degree in Translation or Project Management and are preferably native English, German or Dutch speakers. Nonetheless, we will also consider applicants whose mother tongue is French.

The purpose of this internship is to train a future employee for our company. Based on results, motivation and the skills mastered, it may be possible to receive a job offer at the end of this internship.

Besides evaluating your translations, your Internship Manager will guide you through the process of learning more about our CAT and project management tools, and how to conduct quality assurance.

Daily tasks:
During the first few weeks, you will work with files in your mother tongue (translation, revision, glossary updates, termbases, and translation memories).
Under the supervision of your Internship Manager, you will then expand to tasks dealing with project management, such as file preparation, quotation creation, provider selection, purchase orders, scheduling, customer-translator interface, etc.

Our field of expertise:
Our company has clients in a wide range of fields (IT, scientific, technical, textile, agri-foods, etc). You will first work with texts that fall into your field of knowledge and interests. You can later expand to other fields.

Duration: 5 to 6 months. One position is currently available.

Desired Profile:
A student finishing a Master’s Degree in translation with excellent written command of their mother tongue (a fluid style, no grammatical errors, etc.), as well as written mastery of one or two other languages.
Beyond these language skills, the candidate must have good relational skills and be able to adapt his or her advantages to join our team. Curiosity, punctuality and carefulness are musts for successfully completing tasks.

Preferred languages:
Mother tongue: English, German or Dutch.
Working languages: French, English, German, Dutch, Chinese, Russian, Arabic.

It is possible to be hired as an official member of our team at the end of the internship. This decision will be based on results and personal dynamics. Positions can be temporary (CDD) or permanent (CDI). We will strongly consider candidates who wish to build a career in the translation field.

This internship is contractual, paid + 50% of transportation pass.

How to apply:
By email only at (Title: Internship + language codes)
-A detailed CV (in French or English)
-A cover letter (in French or English)
-Your last academic transcript
-A photocopy of your latest diploma
-Name and contact information for the person in charge of your institution’s internships.


In-house positions are strictly reserved for individuals holding a diploma in specialised Translation with a business experience of at least 6 months.

Applications (CV + Cover Letter) must be accompanied by a copy of your diploma, a transcript and at least one professional letter of recommendation from either a previous employer, internship mentor, or a direct client.Applications (CV + Cover Letter) must be accompanied by a copy of your diploma, a transcript and at least one professional letter of recommendation from either a previous employer, internship mentor, or a direct client..

Please send your application along with all other required documents to Subject: In-house Application LANG, LANG>LANG.


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