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About us

The French-British group Atom e-City Ltd, founded in London in 1998, is being restructured and, for France, is becoming Groupe AEC SAS. Its trading company, AeC Traduction, specialising in multilingual communication services, offers more than fifteen years of excellence and professionalism for you greatest benefit.

Created to complete its initial offering of specialist translation with complementary linguistic services, AeC Traduction now caters for all your needs in terms of interpretation, audio transcription, dubbing, sub-titling, page layout, graphic adjustments and publishing assistance.

Our response is adapted to every situation

Do you want to promote your product abroad? Or translate the instruction manual? Organise a factory visit for your foreign partners? Understand exactly what a legal document or contract from a foreign client says before you sign it? Localise your website or software? Adapt your slogans and marketing texts to maximise the impact of your advertising campaign?

» Cultural adaptation, localisation and DTP – our linguists can help you enhance your international image.

Do you need to translate your brochure into Japanese, Russian or Arabic? Does the formatting need to be tailored to the new content?

» AeC Traduction’s graphic designers are skilled at handling diacritical characters. Proof-readers ensure that typographical conventions are respected in their mother tongue. They know how to tailor punctuation and hyphenation to your target country, while keeping visual conventions in mind.

Are you organising a business meeting with speakers from various countries?

» Our interpreters are by your side, whether for onsite or remote meetings and even phone conferences.

Have you recorded your discussions and now want a written record? Do you simply want to save the minutes from work meetings, whatever the participant’s language?

» Our transcribers and velotypists are here for you.